Credit Bureau

Description and scope of the Bureau: It is a consultation and dissemination tool with which you will be able to know the products offered by financial institutions, their commissions and fees, the claims of users, the unhealthy practices they incur, the administrative sanctions that they have imposed, the abusive clauses of their contracts and other information that is relevant to inform you about their performance

SCOPE. With the Bureau of Financial Institutions, it will be possible to know who is who in banks, insurance, companies multiple-purpose financial institutions, savings banks, afores, among other entities.

The information established on our website corresponds only to our Financial Institution, to know the information of the entire sector to which it corresponds, you can access the site Credit Bureau

El Buró de Entidades Financieras contiene información de Grupo Financiero Mega (OPERADORA DE SERVICIOS MEGA ) sobre nuestro desempeño frente a los Usuarios, por la prestación de productos y servicios. Te invitamos a consultarlo en la página