Corporate responsibility

Being a company committed to society means having a business culture based on the principles of honesty, transparency and service. We seek the success of our organization, while contributing to the welfare of society.

Through Fundación Mega, we are dedicated to supporting low-income children facing diverse difficulties by providing scholarships for their academic development, specialized assistance for the integration of children with disabilities into society, medical care for burned children, among others. Via Endeavor Occidente, Mr. Guillermo Romo, chairman of both institutions and of Grupo Mega, actively involved in efforts to promote a responsible business culture in Jalisco. This organization supports over 20 companies that generates more than 1,300 jobs to underpin their growth.

Mr. Guillermo Romo is also engaged in diverse altruistic activities, including his collaboration with the Americas Business Council (ABC), an organization in which he serves as co-chairman and promotes discussion forums among international leaders from multiple sectors to seek initiatives and solutions to regional and global challenges such as environmental, social and cultural issues.

Certifications & Recognitions

Global Growth Company

Framework of Environmental and Social Risk Management

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