Bylaws and other codes


Code of ethics

MEGA has a code of ethics applicable to all entities that form part of it. Such Code has the purpose of establishing the ethical principles that guide the actions and behaviors of MEGA’s collaborators, seeking to establish a work environment of productivity and harmony and good communication between clients and vendors of the company. These rules apply to all of MEGA’s employees, and clearly specify what the company expects from its employees.

Diversity and equality

MEGA favors equality and equity, therefore it declares itself to be against discrimination for reasons of nationality, beliefs, religion, social class, gender, age, physical appearance, or any other. MEGA promotes equality of treatment among all collaborators, clients and vendors with dignity and respect.

Conduct manual

The conduct manual establishes certain provisions with respect to client relations, confidentiality, transparency, relationships with collaborators, among other topics.

Code of integrity and business ethics

MEGA has an integrity and business ethics code, the purpose of which is to not affect the social values of respect, transparency, veracity, integrity and honesty, and to not cause economic losses due to bribery, improper or illegal enrichment, or fraud. MEGA’s internal codes and policies are designed to mitigate and address the risks associated with bribery, improper or illegal enrichment and fraud.