Microcredits for SMEs
US Car Loans
As of March 31, 2024LeasingCreditUS Car Loans
% of Total Portfolio46.5%50.3%3.2%

  • Leasing products with a purchase option

  • Complements companies’ traditional credit lines

  • Cash loans as a form of non-asset based lending

  • To finance PP&E acquisition, working capital accounts or accounts payable

  • Acquisition of preowned car loans in California

Target ClientsSMEsSMEsIndividuals
Target Tenor Range43 meses32 meses41 meses
Interest Rates22.5% - 24% (en Ps$)22.5% - 24% (en Ps$)Promedio 24% (en US$)

  • Ownership of the asset

  • Personal guarantees

  • 20% cash deposit

  • Personal guarantees

  • Collateral

    • FEGA

    • Mortgage

    • Other assets

Collateral (car)

Breakdown by Economic Segment

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