Corporate Information

Who is MEGA?

Operadora de Servicios Mega. S.A. de C.V., SOFOM, E.R. (MEGA) is a Mexican company based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with more than 15 years of operating experience specializing in serving small and medium-sized enterprises in Mexico and providing auto loan solutions for individuals in the United States. Please visit this link to learn more about us.

What are MEGA’s main activities?

MEGA’s main activity is to enter into simple credit and leasing agreements, as well as the sale by instalments of all types of movable assets, mainly machinery and buses, and fixed-asset and working capital loans. Please visit this link to learn more about our business lines.

In which states or countries does MEGA operate?

MEGA’s operations covers all the Mexican states and the state of California, US. Our corporate headquarters are located in Guadalajara and we have five regional offices in Mexico City, Leon, Queretaro, Puebla and Cancun. Additionally, our U.S. operating subsidiary’s office, is located in San Diego, California. Please visit this link to learn more about our geographical footprint.

What is MEGA’s organizational structure?

MEGAS’s organizational structure can be consulted in this link.

When and how was MEGA founded?
MEGA fue fundada en 2003 en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, por la familia Romo, reconocidos empresarios de la región que, durante más de 7 generaciones, pertenecieron a una de las casas de tequila más antiguas y reconocidas de México: «Casa Herradura».
Who are the key executives of and directors of MEGA?

Information about MEGA’s management team and board of directors is available at the following links. Senior management and Board of directors.

Where can I find information about MEGA’s environmental and social responsibility practices?

MEGA is convinced that the preservation of the environment and the development of the people who are part of the communities where it operates are of critical importance to achieve a shared and inclusive growth, which guarantees the continuity of the business in the long term. To learn more about MEGA’s social and environmental practices please visit this link.

Investor Information

Where is MEGA’s stock traded?

As of today, the Company has no shares listed on any stock exchange.

What are the Company’s outstanding debt securities?

As of today, MEGA has debt securities listed on the Mexican Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) and on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). A current listing of outstanding debt securities can be found in the following link: Bond & debt information.

Does MEGA pay dividends?

No. We have followed a practice of reinvesting earnings to tap into the high growth potential of our business model.

Which institutions follow MEGA’s debt securities and what are the credit ratings they have placed on the company?

Please see our credit ratings.

Where can I see or receive calls for MEGA’s Bondholders’ Meetings?

In the case for SGX-ST notes, the Trustee of the notes (Wilming Trust, National Association) will handle the mailing of notices of meetings of the holders of notes and other reports and communications that are generally available to holders of the notes.


As for listed securities on the Mexican Institutional Stock Exchange, the notices will be published on the Mexican Institutional Stock Exchange.

Where can I see MEGAS’s key performance and financial indicators?
MEGA’s key financial indicators can be consulted in this link: Key financial data.
Where can I find MEGAS’s annual report?
MEGA’s annual reports are available here: Annual reports.
Where can I find MEGAS’s quarterly reports?

MEGA’s quarterly reports are available here, along with the respective format filed with the Mexican Stock Exchange: Quarterly results.


Please bear in mind that MEGA’s quarterly reports contain unaudited financial information.

Where can I find MEGAS’s latest results presentations and conference calls?
MEGA’s latest results presentations and conference calls are available in the following link: Quarterly results.

Contact Information

How can I contact MEGA’s Investor Relations Department?

MEGA’s Investor Relations team would be more than pleased to assist you through the following means:


Offices: Avenida Patria 1501 Int. 102, Jardines Universidad, 45110 Zapopan, Jalisco


Telephone: +52 (33) 3777-1640


Email: contacto@gfmega.com