Our business model

Our business model and distribution strategy have enabled us to maintain stable growth and a conservative risk profile. This has led to historical low risk-weighted assets, improved efficiency ratios and increased profitability over the past several years. We have continued to grow organically by constantly improving our business model and adjusting to changing market trends while capitalizing on specific market opportunities.

Origination Business Strategy Based on Four Pillars:

Open Market

  • Target clients are small corporates and SMEs

  • Traditional leasing business in which MEGA salesforce aims credit worthy clients to lease assets

Strategic Alliances

  • Target clients are SMEs

  • Strategic alliances with distributors and manufacturers to finance (leasing or credit) their sales to SMEs

  • Leverage distributors / manufacturers salesforce

Financial Alliances

  • MEGA provides leasing services for clients of banks that do not have asset leasing businesses

  • Afterwards, MEGA signs a factoring agreement with the bank

  • Certain transaction risks stay off MEGA’s balance sheet

Mega L.P.

  • Based in San Diego, focused on the South California market

  • MEGA purchases preowned car loans from local dealerships
Origination breakdown

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