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We are a leading Mexican company with more than 20 years of operating experience in providing specialized financial solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico and individual auto loans in the United States, businesses largely underserved by traditional banking institutions.

Our Values


Honesty is a human quality, which consists of acting in line with what one thinks and feels.


Innovation literally means "novelty" or "renewal" and is used to talk about new ideas and inventions and their economic implementation. Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from others.


Trust is the assurance or firm hope someone has about another individual or something, as well as the value one has about oneself and the courage or vigor to act.


Passion is the desire to do what you love most every day. Nothing in the world worthwhile has been achieved without passion.


Respect or recognition is the consideration that someone or even something has a value of its own and is established as reciprocity: "mutual respect, mutual recognition".

Mega’s Successful Track Record

Business Lines

Strategic focus on only financing productive assets

As of March 31, 2024Leasing BusinessLending BusinessCar Loans Business
  • Machinery

  • Equipment

  • Transportation vehicles

  • Other capital assets
  • Durable goods

  • Equipment

  • Other liquidity and financing solutions
  • Purchase of pre-owned personal vehicles
Target marketSMEs & small corporatesSMEsIndividuals
Total portfolioPs. 7,238,991 milPs.7,833,485 milPs. 486,341 mil
Average lease amountsPs.12.0 mills.Ps.11.0 mills.US$14k (~Ps.$243k)
% of Total Portfolio46.5%50.3%3.2%

Mega’s Competitive Strengths

Proven business model and mitigating levers to reduce credit and residual value risk

Mexico’s only major independent leasing company operating as a regulated entity

Effective origination strategy leading to profitable growth

Origination Business Strategy Based on Four Pillars:

Open Market

  • Target clients are small corporates and SMEs

  • Traditional leasing business in which MEGA salesforce aims credit worthy clients to lease assets

Strategic Alliances

  • Target clients are SMEs

  • Strategic alliances with distributors and manufacturers to finance (leasing or credit) their sales to SMEs

  • Leverage distributors / manufacturers salesforce

Financial Alliances

  • MEGA provides leasing services for clients of banks that do not have asset leasing businesses

  • Afterwards, MEGA signs a factoring agreement with the bank

  • Certain transaction risks stay off MEGA’s balance sheet

Mega L.P.

  • Based in San Diego, focused on the South California market

  • MEGA purchases preowned car loans from local dealerships
Origination breakdown

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Debt & Portfolio Maturity Profile

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Diversified portfolio to mitigate risk

Portfolio distribution breakdown by region

By state

By Type of Loan

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SMEs by Economic Sector

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By Asset Type

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Robust risk management processes

Solid balance sheet with a strong capital structure

To minimize risk and expand our funding optionality, over the last several years we have worked actively to diversify our sources of funding, reaching a total of more than 20 credit facilities from over 20 different lenders. As a result, we currently have funding agreements with banks, local and international development banks, and international funds; additionally, we have also accessed the local bond market.


Learn more about our balance sheet and capital structure key metrics.

Highly experienced management team led by a renowned board of directors

Our management team has extensive experience in the financial sector and a proven track record of delivering growth of a high-quality loan portfolio by implementing our business model. Additionally, our Board of Directors is comprised of more than 70% of independent members, well over the 25% minimum that is required for publicly listed companies in Mexico.


Learn more about our management team and board of directors.

A socially and Environmentally Committed Company

We are committed to promoting economic development on a sustainable basis, incorporating environmental and social responsibility standards linked to equity, ecological value, healthy development and economic growth of our clients.

Certifications & Recognitions

Global Growth Company

Framework of Environmental and Social Risk Management

Prime Certification

ESG Certification

Our Strategic Approach

As of June 30, 2022

Maintain our presence in Mexico and California

State% excluding contract with Jalisco's government% including contract with Jalisco's government
Mexico City14.4%13.4%
State of Mexico9.0%8.4%
Nuevo León5.4%5.0%
Sales Force
Mexico City5

Increased penetration of existing customer base

Cross-selling with outstanding results:

30% of customers have signed two or more contracts (as of June 2022)